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Message from the owner. Brenda Merkley



             This is a website for Certified Fancy Colored Diamonds,

   Burma Pigeon  Blood Red Rubies, Tanzanite, Colombian Green

   Emeralds, Paraiba Neon Blue Copper-bearing Tourmalines,

   Gemstones, Sapphires, Topaz, Wholesale Colored Diamonds &

   Gems, top quality prefect Lab Created Gems, custom designed

   unusual jewelry, coins, stamps, collectibles and much more. We  

   will be adding more and more items as we build this site. 


       If you have any questions email me at:


            In this day and age there are 1000's of gem sellers selling counterfeit

   items--be safe instead of sorry, always buy certified gems or at least have

   your gems certified while you can still get your money back. I believe in

   being totally honest with my customers.

         I have a section for the perfect top quality lab created gems that were

   sold to me as being genuine--I send all my gems in to be certified

   because of the massive deception that is going on in the gem market.

         When you buy from me you can have confidence that the gems are

   exactly as I state they are.  

   No puffing! No lying!   No deception of any kind!  It is what it is!!!

I guarantee all my items 100% to be as stated, 7 day return policy         for your money back if an item is not as stated.  I want happy customers and friends to return again and again.


         All purchases are paid through PayPal, you can pay by check or

     credit card securely online through PayPal. We ship out items the

     next business day. 



     Please bookmark this site because it takes the search engines weeks to include the website.

   Please come back often--I still have 100's of gems and jewelry items to be list, not to mention     

   the countless collectibles to be added.

  Associated Gemological Laboratory


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A sign of the times sale where you can start collecting or adding to your investment portfolio Top Quality Hi End Loose Certified Colombian Emeralds for Pennies on the Dollar, don’t put all your investment capital in the Stock Market and watch it fade away. Instead put it in Top Quality Certified Emeralds where you see results immediately …


Regardless of whether you want to collect, invest or design your own piece of jewelry with Top Quality Colombian Emeralds you won’t find a better time to do it than now.

Current Sales

Pigeon Blood Red Rubies

-Colombian Emeralds

-Copper-bearing Tourmalines-

If you see something you really like

but can't quite afford make a serious offer

and you maybe surprised!

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To enter the store click on any heading in the content box and it will take you to that section of the store.

Regarding the Diamonds - Certified Section just click on the diamond and it will give you all the specs for that item.

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    If you like to barter and have items worth more than or as much as the item you want--we are open to all deals. We usually buy or trade for coins, coin collections, mint stamps (postage or face), stamp collections, silver or gold chains, (old or new) jewelry, sports memorabilia, almost anything collectible of value.

Email me with a description of what you have to trade or barter with and what item in my store you are interested in.

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